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History and Background


The Center for Learning Connections (CLC) is the current name for the former Northwest Program Development Center (NPDC), and its major project, The Center for Career and Work-Related Education (CCWRE). Despite the change in name, the Center's mission has consistently focused on the connection between learning, the changing economy and workplace since its founding in 1978.


One of the Center's initial notable events was a conference entitled Education and the Future of Work, a groundbreaker because it included people from different organizations and agencies who had never attended a conference together. This became a prototype for similar conferences throughout the country.


Since the mid-1980's, the Center has successfully planned and managed organizational conferences, meetings, and projects, as well as designed trainig for individuals representing a variety of organizations, disciplines and viewpoints.



The Center's Founders:

Dr. Michael Gordon was the Executive Director of the Center for Learning Connections from 1978-2002. He holds an Ed. D. in Higher II Education Administration from the University of Washington, Seattle. He has been an elementary school teacher, a director of a private learning center, an educational and social service administrator, an employment counselor, a public employment program planning and evaluation coordinator, a project director with United Way, an education consortium director and a community college program director. Dr. Gordon retired from his position as Executive Director in April 2002.

Dr. Cal Crow is currently the Program Director of the Center. He holds a Ph.D. in Counselor Education from the Arizona State University. He has been a high school teacher and counselor, a community college program coordinator and instructor, a university lecturer, a counselor in private practice, a trainer and a consultant. He conducted training, made presentations, and facilitated group activities in thirty-three states, the District of Columbia, U.S. territories and Canada, on a variety of topics.