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The Association Executive Office
CLC served, until April 2011, as the executive and coordinating office for the Association of Community and Technical College Administrators. CLC managed the organization’s conferences and other professional development activities.


Building Skills Conferences

(1993 – 2010)

Funded in part by Washington State Employment Security Department, these conferences, coordinated by the Center for Learning Connections, highlighted promising best practices and hands-on strategies and tools for improving workforce development programs and services statewide.


Center for Dependable Strengths Executive Office
CLC was the Executive Office for the Center for Dependable Strengths until November 2010. Through this project, CLC provides training coordination, resources, and research around the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process.


Dual Enrollment/Running Start
Through the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, CLC coordinated and assisted with planning the Dual Enrollment Conferences in Washington State, as well as maintained the online Running Start Coordinator's Guide (in the future this document will be updated and posted on


Employment Readiness Scale™
(February 2005 – April 2006)

The Center for Learning Connections was formerly a U.S. representative of this research-based online employability assessment instrument.


ESD WorkFirst Statewide Engagement Training


The Center for Learning Connections provided statewide training for WorkFirst Career Services staff to develop their skills for assisting clients in securing jobs at a living wage.


Going Home Re-Entry Training and Academy

(2003 – 2006)
The Center for Learning Connections provides training to prison staff and communities for the Washington Statewide Young Offender Reentry Project funded through the Serious Violent Offender Reentry Grant Program. CLC provides training in King, Pierce and Spokane, to help staff and the community prepare for the prison release of serious violent offenders.


LEAP Conferences

(2009 – 2011)

The Center for Learning Connections coordinated and facilitated the annual LEAP Conference for the Latino/Latina Educational Achievement Project. The LEAP Conferences are managed by SeaMar Community Health Center, Seattle, WA.


National Training and Support Center

The National Training and Support Center (NTSC) was created by the Department of Education to support America’s Career Resource Network activities nationwide. NTSC-Seattle was managed by the Center for Learning Connections and was responsible for planning and coordinating training and disseminating ACRN materials and information.


Skill Standards Resource Center
Through funding from the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, CLC hosted the Skill Standards Resource Center via and a resource room located at the CLC offices. Through the Skill Standards Resource Center, CLC provided information and materials on skill standards developed by Washington State colleges and consortium. This project was moved to the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges in September 2010.


Transition Learning and Work Conferences

Originally, presented as the Workforce 2000 Conferences

(1994 – 2011)

Partnering with Washington Occupational Information Systems (WOIS), the Center for Learning Connections coordinated the annual Workforce Conference for workforce professionals in schools, colleges, government agencies, and non-profits who assist customers and clients in career building.


University of Washington Tacoma Computing and Software Systems Partnership Project

The Center for Learning Connections (CLC) served as a Liaison to this project on behalf of the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. In the Liaison role, CLC provided information, communication and support to the project until 2010.
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Washington Association of Occupational Educators
(1999 – 2000)

Through funding from the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, CLC was the Executive Office for WAOE, an organization made up of community and technical professional/technical instructors. As the Executive Office, CLC with the leadership of the WAOE Board provided an annual conference and workshops for college instructors.


Washington Council for High School-College Relations Fall Counselor Workshop

(2008 – 2011)

The Center for Learning Connections provided registration and fiscal services for this annual workshop.


Washington State Business Leadership Network 2011 Learning Institute

(2010 – 2011)

CLC coordinated for WSBL this conference, which equipped participants with a better understanding of mental health issues in the workplace.


Washington State County Training Institute


As part of a community College partership, CLC provided web site development services to county associations, to market staff and leadership training delivered through the County Training Institute.


Washington WorkFirst Statewide Training for Frontline Staff
(May 1999 – June 2003)

Under the direction of the WorkFirst Training Advisory Committee, CLC designed, delivered and evaluated this statewide training program. More than 2,000 frontline staff attended training on a wide range of topics including:

Washington Workforce Association Training
(March 2001 – April 2003)

Under the direction of the Washington Workforce Association, CLC assisted with training needs identification, curriculum design, trainer selection, marketing, training delivery, evaluation and fiscal reconciliation for WWA training.


Work-Based Learning Resource Center
(1996 – June 2000)

With funding through the Federal School to Work Opportunities Act, CLC (formerly known as the Center for Career and Work-Related Education) provided schools and colleges in Washington State with resources and training around work-based learning.


Workforce Education Web Site

CLC hosted and maintained Washington State’s community and technical college professional/technical vocational program resources, serving workforce education administrators, faculty and staff.