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Core to College Alignment

Non-Profit Staff Development Coalition Project

Peter Schmidt, Psy.D

Veterans Training Support Center



The Center for Learning Connections (CLC) provides customized, cutting-edge training and consultation, tailored to meet the expressed needs of those requesting it. Training can be delivered on-site or virtually. Training topics can vary, but usually address education reform, learning, training, workforce and human resource development, counseling and communication skills, and organizational development. However, our talented staff would be happy to design training for other topics that are important to you.


We perform thorough assessments to identify the issues to be addressed, and the goals and outcomes to be achieved. Customers always play an active role in shaping and designing training.


Our staff is skilled at connecting people and topics that are not normally linked together. For example, we were one of the nation's first organizations to view education reform in the context of a changing economy and workplace.


Sample Topics:


The Center for Learning Connections is a provider of customized cutting-edge training and consultation on:

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