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Web Site Design and Management


Our Web Site Design and Maintenance services focus on bringing together your audience needs, marketing goals, and design preferences to create a site that both captivates and informs. Throughout the design process we will be in close contact with all decision makers in your organization to ensure a seamless process. Most projects can be executed within a period of 3-6 weeks, depending on the project's scope. To keep within budget, we submit expense approval forms prior to any and all expenditures.


Our design and management process is grouped into three phases:


Stage I: Initial Concepts


In the initial concept phase we will help you to identify the targeted audience, marketing goals, and design preferences. Once agreement and a shared understanding is reached, we will begin crafting some initial conceptual designs of your site. Designs will be posted to a private test Web site for the convenient review by all decision makers.


Stage II: Semi-final Designs


The objective of this phase is to solidify your selected design(s) and to present you with a tighter, more comprehensive layout of your new branding, imagery, font treatments and color palettes. Web site flow charting is also finalized in this phase, as well as your Web interface. Upon your approval, we will finalize all design elements and begin execution of deliverables.


Stage III: Final Design


In this phase the final Web site is developed and placed online for testing. Subsequent to our testing, you are informed of the site's location so you may test the site for functionality as well. Upon your approval, the new site is uploaded to a designated server. Finally, we will work with you to maximize your potential for the highest level of ranking on search engine result pages.

CLC designed and currently manages the following sites:

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