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Cal Crow is a co-founder and Program Director at the Center for Learning Connections. He has been a high school teacher and counselor, a community college program coordinator and instructor, a university lecturer, a counselor in private practice, a trainer and a consultant. He holds a Ph. D. from Arizona State University.

Dr. Crow was one of three individuals selected to revise the National Career Development Guidelines, and co-authored the revised Job Hunter Guide for Washington State’s One-stop system. His written materials and ideas are being used in schools and other organizations throughout the country.

Dr. Crow has received numerous awards for his contributions to education, counseling,
and workforce development.

He has designed and conducted training for:

  • educators at all levels,
  • workforce development professionals,
  • welfare staff and recipients,
  • offenders, and staff who work with them,
  • mental health professionals,
  • non-profit organizations, and
  • the private sector
  • students
  • parents
  • dislocated workers
  • counselors

Resiliency and Self-Efficacy: Two Predictors of Success

Building Skills 2009 Conference
April 15th, 2009

Participants in this session acquired strategies to help customers tap into their natural resiliency (the ability to rebound from setbacks), and increase their self-efficacy (their beliefs in their ability to perform a task or manage a situation)

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