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Ellis Amdur received his B.A. in psychology from Yale University in 1974, and his M.A. in psychology from Seattle University in 1990. He is both a National Certified Counselor and a State Certified Child Mental Health Specialist.
Through his company, Edgework, Ellis has released a number of instructional books for family caregivers and social services professionals concerning communication with seriously mentally ill individuals and verbal de-escalation of aggression.  In 2010, he will be releasing a series of books, profession specific, for law enforcement and other emergency response personnel.   

Ellis has worked in the field of crisis intervention for over twenty years. He has developed a range of training and consultation services, as well as a unique style of assessment and psychotherapy.  Ellis’s professional philosophy can best be summed up in this idea: the development of an individual’s integrity and dignity is the paramount virtue. This can only occur when people live courageously, regardless of the circumstances, and take responsibility for their roles in making the changes they desire.
Ellis Amdur is a dynamic public speaker and trainer who presents his work throughout the U.S. and internationally. He is noted for his sometimes outrageous humor as well as his profound breadth of knowledge. Ellis’s vivid descriptions of aggressive and mentally ill people and his true-to-life role-playing of the behaviors in question give participants an almost first-hand experience of facing the real individuals in question.  More information on the range of services he offers, including books,  can be secured at his website: Edgework, his company, offers training for specific agencies or companies. He also offers open trainings through the Center for Learning Connections. Contact Julie Jacob,, if you are interested in existing or potential training by Ellis Amdur.

Recognition of Patterns of Aggression

Building Skills 2009 Conference
April 14th, 2009

In this session, Ellis Amdur presented detailed information on the behavior of people building up to aggressive behavior. If we learn to recognize these patterns of behavior, we will be ready rather than surprised when people do become angry.

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