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Ellis Amdur received his B.A. in psychology from Yale University in 1974, and his M.A. in psychology from Seattle University in 1990. He is both a National Certified Counselor and a State Certified Child Mental Health Specialist.
Through his company, Edgework, Ellis has released a number of instructional books for family caregivers and social services professionals concerning communication with seriously mentally ill individuals and verbal de-escalation of aggression.  In 2010, he will be releasing a series of books, profession specific, for law enforcement and other emergency response personnel...More.


Cal Crow is a co-founder and Program Director at the Center for Learning Connections. He has been a high school teacher and counselor, a community college program coordinator and instructor, a university lecturer, a counselor in private practice, a trainer and a consultant. He holds a Ph. D. from Arizona State University.

Dr. Crow was one of three individuals selected to revise the National Career Development Guidelines, and co-authored the revised Job Hunter Guide for Washington State’s One-stop system. His written materials and ideas are being used in schools and other organizations throughout the country... More.


Ellen Langan, principal of Langan + Associates, has been a Speaker, Trainer, and Professional Organizer for over 17 years. Her areas of expertise are Time Management, Organization and Team Building. She has helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies achieve their maximum potential by providing consultancy, workshops and seminars.

Ms. Langan is also a certified Myers-Briggs consultant with clients located both throughout the country.

Her business has been featured on KIRO, KING, KOMO, Q 13 and N.W. Cable television. Time Magazine, The Seattle Times, P.I., Puget Sound Business Journal, The Costco Connection, Home Office Computing and Cosmopolitan have also featured her business.... More.


Tami Palmer is the Deputy Director of WOIS/The Career Information System and has worked in the career and educational planning field for 30 years. 27 of those years have been spent traveling the state of Washington to help teachers, counselors and students become familiar and comfortable with the WOIS career and educational planning tools.... More.





Nancie Payne, President/CEO of Payne & Associates, Inc. & the Northwest Center for the Advancement of Learning, is nationally recognized for more than thirty of years of work in adult education & workforce-based services for youths and adults with non-apparent disabilities. She consults with elementary, secondary and postsecondary schools, correction facilities, employment and training agencies, human service organizations, and business on ways to create productive learning environments and maximize the potential of those who have disabilities.

She has provided professional development in 35 states, has developed, and implemented the Payne Learning Needs Inventory and other learning-based screening tools and facilitated long-term, system-wide change of service delivery models in the District of Columbia, Indiana, California, Oregon, Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Illinois, Mississippi, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Texas and Washington. ...More.


Peter Schmidt is Project Director and trainer for the Veterans Training Support Center of the Center for Learning Connections at Edmonds Community College, and provides outreach and consultation to colleges, universities, and community based agencies in Washington State as well as nationally. A veteran of the United States Air Force and Washington Air National Guard, Peter has offered numerous trainings on veterans issues in higher education, veteran best practices, invisible wounds such as post-traumatic stress disorder and mild-traumatic brain injury.  He can tailor trainings and presentations to your organization’s needs.

Peter has assessed, diagnosed and treated veterans and their families as a counseling subcontractor for the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs and has facilitated a restorative retelling support group for inmates (military veterans) at McNeil Island Corrections Center. Peter’s background includes work as tenured counselor, psychology faculty and college dean. ...More.