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Nancie Payne, President/CEO of Payne & Associates, Inc. and the Northwest Center for the Advancement of Learning, is internationally recognized for more than thirty of years of work in organizational development, human resources, adult and postsecondary education and workforce-based services. She consults with elementary, secondary and postsecondary schools, correction facilities, employment and training agencies, human service organizations, and business on ways to create productive learning environments and maximize the potential of all individuals, and particularly those who have specific learning needs as well as those with disabilities.

She has provided professional development and consultation in 35 states, has developed, and implemented the Payne Learning Needs Inventory and other learning-based screening tools and facilitated long-term, system-wide change of service delivery models in the District of Columbia, Indiana, California, Oregon, Arkansas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Illinois, Mississippi, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Texas and Washington.

Ms. Payne has written numerous articles and book chapters on facilitating learning, assessment of special needs, transition to employment, and workplace accommodations. Her published works include Job Accommodations, What Works and Why published in Learning Disabilities and Employment, edited by Paul J. Gerber and Dale S. Brown, Pro-ed 1997; Informal Assessment of Adults with LD published in Learning Disabilities, Literacy and Adult Education, edited by Susan A. Vogel and Stephen Reder, Brooks 1998; The Impact of Learning Disabilities In The Workplace, in Successful Lifetime Management, edited by Teresa Citro, LDAM, 1999; and Adults Who Have Learning Disabilities: Transition from GED to Postsecondary Activities, ProQuest LLC, 2010. In 2000 a Brookes publication entitled Meeting the Challenge of Learning Disabilities in Adulthood by Arlyn Roffman, Ph.D. features Ms. Payne’s personal insight about the impact of learning disabilities.

Ms. Payne has a B.A. from the Evergreen State College, a M.S. from Chapman University, and a Ph.D. from Capella University. She is very active at a national, state and local level and is currently involved with the National Learning Disabilities Association of America, the Washington State Learning Disabilities Association, the Washington State Business Leadership Network, the Thurston County Economic Development Board of Directors, and the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council Board of Directors.